Welcome to Ground Zero Farms

Welcome to Ground Zero Farms

 Nestled in the Flint Hills of Oklahoma, Ground Zero Farms features some of the best genetics available in the Black Hereford and Hereford business.

Ground Zero Farms was founded in 2005 by owners Rod and Jamie Garman, with a set of 37 commercial cows. They later purchased a set of  Angus based commercial cattle, but wanted more from their cattle including better temperaments and weaning weights.

After some more research, they found the Black Hereford, and loved what they offered: the best of two worlds to make black baldy cattle. These cattle offered the look, a temperament and feed efficiency like a Hereford, and marbling like the Angus. The Black Hereford offered all of the attributes they were  looking for in the cattle that he wanted to raise.

However, at the time, they were unable to find the quality of Black Hereford cattle they wanted, so they made the decision to purchase an entire set of registered Hereford sale cattle from Journagan Ranch in Missouri. With 87 head in total, they began building their herd from the ground up.

Since they could not buy the Black Hereford cattle they wanted for the foundation of their herd, they decided to breed into it. All of the initial heifers were AIed to Angus bulls, and the first F1 progeny were born. Those heifer calves were then bred back to Herefords, and those offspring were then eligible to be registered with the American Black Hereford Association.

Since that time, Ground Zero Farms has grown using the best genetics available from the Hereford and Angus breeds. The herd now consists of 600 registered cows, and 400 commercial cows that are used for recipients and for commercial breeders.

The challenging terrain creates hardy cattle that can perform in any environment. The ranch features a mix of fescue and Bermuda grass on a hilly terrain with flint rocks. 

We would love to have any visitors at the ranch and have bulls available year round private treaty.